Spring Creek Farm

Services offered...



  ~ Beginner riding lessons are offered in Private and Semi-Private sessions ~ $25 Semi-Private lesson ~ $30 Private lesson. 

  ~ Specialty Lessons ( barrel racing, pole bending, gaming) are also offered.

  ~ Lead line lessons for ages 6& under are offered in 30 min. sessions for $15


All lessons last for 1 hour. This will include grooming & saddling of the horse, and the rest of the hour will be spent on horseback. I believe in mastering one step before you can move onto the next, There fore students will move forward when I feel they are ready. All students will be required to wear safety helmets while riding, or participating in any horseback riding activities.



Training consist of working the horse 5 days a week (weather permitting)



 Need a Tune Up,  have a Stubborn horse, or do you just want to get your horse legged up? Send 'em this way! We can work with you and your horse to get it right!

Tune up rates:  1 time tune up $30.00                                                    

                            1 week tune up $100.00

*Owner must provide Hay & Grain during a horses stay while on the farm getting tuned up. Hay can be provided for an additional fee, but we recommend you bring your horses usual grain to ensure a healthy, safe diet.*